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Eleanor Harrison OBE

A special relationship – Welcome to Eleanor Harrison

Way back in 2011 a wonderful woman came to visit us to share her story of working with street children with the organisation – Action in Conflict. Eleanor knew well how to appeal to Rotary clubs to support her work. You can read all about her visit in our blog, at the time, here

I have followed her career with some interest and I’m sure many of you might want to know more of what she’s been up to since those heady days walking the streets to find starving and frightened children.

Well, in 2016 Eleanor was awarded an OBE for her work as the CEO of Global Giving Uk.  It’s an award winning digital charity that helps smaller charities globally become self-sustaining, independent organisations that thrive: for themselves and the communities they serve.

Eleanor explains: “We provide the tools, learning and partnerships to access direct funding, skilled volunteering and peer learning and data through our technology platform www.globalgiving.co.uk. We are passionate about using digital tools to create more efficient, transparent and effective systems. We work with 2,500 community projects in 166 countries reaching 250,000+ beneficiaries. We care for non-profits and donors and work with key decision makers to make aid and philanthropy more democratic, transparent and effective”.


Global Giving has an annual budget of £3 million+, including multiple earned income streams, institutional grants, foundation grants, corporate partners and major donors. Under Eleanor’s guidance and direction they successfully moved the organisation from a reliance on grant funding to an earned income model (income growth from £687,000 to £2.5 million p.a. over 4 years).  They are model employers too having  built, managed and nurtured a superb, diverse staff and volunteer team of 40 – based in their London office and overseas.

Isn’t it time we invited her back to a meeting to tell us more?

Website here

Read more here in this press release on trends in philanthropy by Eleanor Harrison

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