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The joy of playing and learning

East African Playgrounds is a remarkable charity who build playgrounds for children in rural parts of Uganda.  Our speaker this week was Daisy Shimwell  a volunteer playground builder who came to talk about this amazing project and her part in it.   Daisy has been involved with charitable works since she was nine years old.  She learned about East African Playgrounds while she was a...
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Transport on the Horizons?

We were very pleased to welcome back to the club Cliff Puffett from the Rotary Club of Swindon, who came to speak to us on the appeal to raise money for the Horizons College, which is allied to the Uplands Educational Trust. The Appeal will look to raise the money to buy a minibus and maintain it over a 5 year period. Not only will this be of huge benefit to Horizons, who currently have to rely...
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Charity Day

President Chris hosted a different club meeting this week, as Old Town Rotary hosted 18 visitors from a number of charities previously and currently supported by the club. The focus was on Swindon's Famous Duck Race, which raises in excess of £15000 every year, and Chris explained how it works and how so many local charities are able to benefit from the event, simply by selling ducks for the ra...
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Clivey & Twist Update

We were delighted to be joined at our meeting this week by representatives from the Clivey and Twist project, the only project aimed at improving the lives of young people in the Penhill area of Swindon. Aaron, the youth worker at the project and a former student at Goddard Park school, spoke really well about some of the issues that confront the people who come along on a regular basis. This i...
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Providing Mobility Across the World

Our speaker this week was Peter Goldsworthy, member of the Rotary Club of Swindon Phoenix and spokesperson for the Jaipur Limb Project. Jaipur Limb has been adopted as the main charity for the Phoenix club for this Rotary year and Peter began by passing round samples of the limbs that are manufactured and provided to those in need. Although the project began in India, it now provides limbs for ...
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