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Women are in Rotary but it took a long while

How often have you heard the comment I didn't know women could join Rotary?  Well I heard yet again only last week  and was shocked to think despite all attempts to change the perceptions of Rotary and to fit it for 21 century it is still being seen by most people as a club for old white men. So as you can imagine how delighted were to induct yet another woman into our club.   Swindon Old Town ...
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Korea Change!

Our own Rotarian Mark Barrett spoke to us at this week's meeting, regarding his recent visit to South Korea. Mark started by explaining some of the customs and peculiarities of the country during his time in the country. This included being measured for a suit by a local tailor (he thinks that was what it was for anyway!) on the bus on arrival and a two hour bus journey to his hotel! Some of...
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Transport on the Horizons?

We were very pleased to welcome back to the club Cliff Puffett from the Rotary Club of Swindon, who came to speak to us on the appeal to raise money for the Horizons College, which is allied to the Uplands Educational Trust. The Appeal will look to raise the money to buy a minibus and maintain it over a 5 year period. Not only will this be of huge benefit to Horizons, who currently have to rely...
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Merry Christmas

With the big day almost upon us all, there was just enough time for the members of Old Town Rotary and their guests to get together for breakfast before we take a short break over the Christmas period to recharge the batteries ready for the second half of this Rotary year.   Members met at the usual time and place to enjoy the customary full English and exchange some fellowship. The vast major...
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