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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Trust are determined to deliver a better home for our art collections

This week we learned that the bid for Heritage funding for our new art gallery and museum failed.  This is disappointing news for all of us who had dreamt of putting Swindon back on the map and to begin to create a cultural heritage that everyone could be proud of.  The message from the Trust  produced below shows that there is no intention of giving up just yet. The Trustees of the Swindon M...
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Whatever happened to the Great Blondinis?

We are delighted to welcome our guest blogger for this month Angela Atkinson aka The Born Again Swindonian.  Angela has been writing or should I say raving about Swindon for the  past five years.  She shares here how she found out about what had happened to the iconic Great Blondinis who used to reside at Wharf Green.     The PMSA (Public Monuments and Sculpture Association ) ha...
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