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Eleanor Harrison OBE

A special relationship - Welcome to Eleanor Harrison Way back in 2011 a wonderful woman came to visit us to share her story of working with street children with the organisation - Action in Conflict. Eleanor knew well how to appeal to Rotary clubs to support her work. You can read all about her visit in our blog, at the time, here.  I have followed her career with some interest and I'm sure m...
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Learning about our Charities

We were delighted to welcome both of the main charities that Old Town Rotary is supporting this year, at recent meetings. Stephanie Hathaway from Koalas came and spoke to the club in early November and explained more about what they do, which was quite an eye-opener for most of the club members and guests present. The organisation, which supports very young children with learning difficulties a...
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Exploding the Myths around Parkinson’s Disease

Our speakers this week were David Logan and Chris Hooker from the Swindon Branch of Parkinson's UK. In a very eloquent and informative presentation, David explained what the condition is (and is not!). There are over 127,000 sufferers in the UK and there is no cure at present. However, medicine can help with some of the symptoms although they can't stop it or prevent it from developing. The mos...
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