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Eleanor Harrison and Helen Holt from Action for Children in Conflict

It was our pleasure, on 26th October 2011 at our breakfast meeting, to welcome back Eleanor Harrison who introduced Helen Holt who has recently joined AFCIC and is based in Abingdon.

Eleanor came to give us an update on their work in Kenya.  Their motto:  ‘Every Child, Every Family, Counts’.   AFCIC has progressed substantially over the last year or so and Eleanor is about to speak at the U.N. She reminded the Club that their mission is to assist in making a SUSTAINABLE difference within Kenya.

To list some of their recent achievements:

In the last year AFCIC assisted over 3,500 children including feeding 1,200 children a day; providing legal services; training local professionals; managing 3,000 street interventions and returning 600 children to education. In Thika there has been a 60% reduction in the number of children on the streets.

The next plans are to develop the land the 3 acres of land they have recently purchased. Although the purchase price of the land was in the region of £50K, she conservatively estimates that the income over the next three years will be in the region of £53K.

Kenya is currently suffering a drought affecting two million people, this has led to an inflation rate of 18% due to food shortages and consequent price rises.

Eleanor was an infectious and enthusiastic speaker. Of particular interest was the information about the apparent ‘free’ education, – only ‘free’ after the significant cost of enrolling, providing shoes and uniform and finding the registration fee. It is incredible that only 18% of children complete secondary school education, information that was to prove of particular interest a few weeks later when Mike Welsh came back from Nairobi and gave us an update on the Desai Memorial School.

AFCIC is one of President David’s preferred Charities this year and we look forward to being able to assist with some substantial financial support by the end of the year.


Melodie Beevers October 2011