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Help in the Community from Willows Counselling Service

Remember when?

We recently had a visit from two of the Willows Counselling team, Caroline and Helen and we have agreed with them that they will sell duck tickets on our behalf for their benefit.  They have set themselves the challenge of selling 3,000 with a guaranteed income of £2,250 so we wish them all success.  However they have visited us before.  Here is a blog written by former member, Steve Parsons, (back in January 2012) describing the talk and the amazing work Willows does in our community.

Philippa pictured here with David Gray

We were delighted to welcome Philippa Dryland, a Willows counsellor, to our meeting this morning.  Introduced to us by Rotarian David Gray, who is a ‘Friend’ of Willows, it was fascinating to learn how the service has grown to meet the needs of our community.

Willows Counselling Service, based in Old Town Swindon, has been providing Counselling within our local community since 1995.  The shared goal at the heart of Willows is to be a resource to those people who find themselves at a very low point in their lives, working with them to find solutions and help develop positive changes to their quality of life.

Willows counsellors have so far worked with over 2000 people and are working with around 90 people at any point in time.  Whilst many people are able to make a donation towards the cost of their own personal counselling, there are others, much in need of support, who through low income or personal debt are unable to do so. Working in partnership with other local voluntary organisations such as the NSPCC, Barnardos and the Salvation Army  in Swindon, Willows is also able to provide ‘No Cost’ counselling for those most in need, recovering from neglect, trauma, abuse and domestic violence. Funding this valuable work comes from a number of sources, that includes donations from clients, gifts from individual supporters in ‘Friends of Willows’, local churches, legacies, grant applications and fundraising.  Read more about them here and how you may be able to help.

We are delighted to confirm our commitment to help Willows with their fundraising this year.

And we are if they sell all those duck tickets!