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It’s not all eating breakfast or selling ducks

 Summer Solstice celebration

And so it came to pass that our small group of  Eddie, Pam, Richard, (who supplied these pictures) Gill, Bob, Ray, my niece Lucinda and I assembled at 02.45 on Thursday morning 21 June, and set off from Hackpen Hill to walk to Avebury. It was a cool and clear night, we were in good spirits and no-one fell over this time. We had our quota of odd encounters though: two guys on bikes who cycled passed us and one called out:  ‘it seemed a good idea at the time when he suggested this ride’, and we met several people either heading away from, or towards, Avebury who appeared, well, extremely refreshed. As the longest day went on, and it became light, the larks above us started to sing, and the prospect of Wiltshire, in all its natural beauty, gradually unfolded before us.

We got to Avebury in good time, so I took my niece on quick tour of the circle, and the assembling audience, which was, how can I say, quite an unusual demographic and more in number than than last year. The sun rose into a clear blue sky at 05.00ish, as spectacularly as last year, and to a background of some beautiful, almost unearthly, quiet percussion music. Mike Welsh then arrived like a saviour about 05.30, in the mini bus, to  take us back to Hackpen; I want to thank Mike on behalf of the group because, he too, had to get up at an unearthly hour and his lift saved us the slog back from Avebury to Hackpen, which can be tedious.

Mike DRUID Dunn

Warning & Date for diaries; the Winter Solstice falls on Friday 21 December 2018.

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