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We all know David Attenborough has travelled the world for many decades for his famed television programmes on natural history. He has explored mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and seas. He has brought to our screens strange and fascinating creatures. In all this time however there is one species that Attenborough has not presented to the world; the Yellow Swindon Old Town Rotary Plastic Duck.

This small beautifully moulded creature has possibly the strangest life cycle of any in the known world. For almost nine months of the year it hibernates, silently and peacefully in its natural habitat. This unique and special place is known as the Stewart Bell Plastic Duck Storage Centre situated in deepest North East Wiltshire.

Then, in Spring each year, the ducks appear in order to prepare for their purpose in life-to race against each other in the Swindon’s Famous Duck Race. This annual event, held on th late May Bank Holiday, culminates in the ducks racing desperately against each other for the ultimate prize of winning. Locals are so fascinated by this spectacle that, for weeks beforehand, they adopt a duck for £1. The money collected goes to a variety of good causes and brings benefits to many. These are truly remarkable ducks.

So exhausted are they by this herculean effort once a year that they need to hibernate immediately afterwards in order to prepare for the next.

And so, as we endure the bitter winter winds, the blizzards, the treacherous ice and the never-ending wind, rain and fog – cheer up! Spring is on the way. Soon the little yellow ducks will appear and bring the promise of happiness…

Swindon’s Famous Duck Race is on Bank Holiday Monday 28 May 2018    Family Day Out including the Blue Cross Fun Dog Show 

Westcott Recreation Ground opposite the Runner on the Wootton Bassett Road in Swindon. 

Duck tickets are available soon

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