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Swindon’s Harbour Project

On  7 February Annie Vickers shared the story of the Harbour Project set up here in Swindon to provide a range of services to help refugees.  Swindon is one of four ‘dispersal’ towns in the South West where refugees are housed while awaiting their asylum claims to be processed. They are given just £5 a day and often share a room with others who come from a different cultures and faiths.

The Harbour project runs with a few paid workers and many local volunteers who come from all walks of life.  They offer a range of services: friendship; language lessons; classes in art and cookery; cultural trips; sports and a relaxation centre to support those with mental health issues.

Annie shared the following video with us which gives an insight into how the refugees are benefitting from this support.

Most of the refugees here in Swindon at the moment have come from some of the most dangerous regions in the world  like Sudan, Iraq and Iran

If you would like more information or would like to offer your time and energy to this extraordinary project you can visit their website here for more details

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