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The joy of playing and learning

East African Playgrounds is a remarkable charity who build playgrounds for children in rural parts of Uganda.  Our speaker this week was Daisy Shimwell  a volunteer playground builder who came to talk about this amazing project and her part in it.


Daisy has been involved with charitable works since she was nine years old.  She learned about East African Playgrounds while she was at university in Exeter and has self funded her trips out during the holidays to work with the project building playgrounds.  Daisy is well aware of the benefits of play as a psychology student who graduates this year and has seen first hand the difference it has made to children who’s schooling is normally rote learning in crowded classrooms.

Founded in 2009 by Carla Powell and Tom Gill the project continues to grow apace and now employs 45 local Ugandans to manage the playgrounds.  The building using whatever is at hand is carried out largely by volunteers from around the world as well as by local people who appreciate the benefits it brings in encouraging learning through play.

Read more about www.EastAfricanPlaygrounds.org here.  Donations are always welcome.

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