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Did you spot it?

Our second ‘Where Am I’ view in Old Town

The answer to the second puzzle drew two winners: Tony Pickett and Dick Mattick. Congratulations to both of them. The picture below shows the advert on the side of the Headstart building at the corner of Devizes Road and Philips Lane. It is an advert for Ushers Ales; the brewery was established in Trowbridge in 1844, and was very popular in the C19th and early C20th. It merged with Witney Mann in in 1960 , then a management buyout in 1990 re-established it as Ushers Brewers . It was not a commercial success and the Trowbridge Brewery closed in 2000 , with the brewing equipment sold to North Korea! Today , beers brewed under the Ushers name , are produced by Wychwood Brewery.

About the sign itself; there is a growing interest in this traditional type of advertising, many of which cling on in the face of indifference and building development. They are termed ‘ghost signs’ and most are over a hundred years old; they could also be thought of as a time capsule reflecting a different way of life , now long gone. Sam Roberts , who leads the interest in ghost signs,

has a website : ghost signs.co.uk to which I will submit the Ushers advert. There is another good one above the old Citizens Advice Bureau in Faringdon Road.


Our first ‘Where Am I’ view of Old Town Swindon

These beautiful ceramic tiles would grace a palazzo in Venice but here they are in Old Town, still in pristine condition.

But why they are there, and whose hand put them in place is a mystery. Beauty can be found in unlikely places.