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Where Am I?

Old Town Rotary Club meets each week in the historic Old Town area of Swindon.

One of the joys of the area is the multitude of quirky and historic buildings, and features there. But these can hide in plain view as we all know.

You are invited, from the picture below, to identify where this is situated.  It will be a real bonus if you can provide more detail and your own reminiscences

Your responses will be shared when the answer is revealed in two weeks time and the next picture is published.


Where Am I?

21 March 2018


Good luck…..and send your suggestions to Mike Dunn at mikeandritva@gmail.com







28 February 2018

Winners were Tony Pickett and Dick Mattick

Click here to reveal the whereabouts of this picture and its history




Winner of week one was Tony Pickett.  Click here to reveal the whereabouts of these magnificent tiles